I'm sitting outside of one of the world's most famous museums. My hands are cold. I thought about going in. If you had been here we would have gone in. We would be looking at the art, and you would be telling about the last time you were here, when you were living in Europe studying art. I never studied art, but I studied you and I think that is close. There is a flautist playing for pocket change and I stop to listen.He is very good, but he must be freezing. Is that where all the worlds talent is? Out in the cold, one hungry day away from being a proper beggar.

Proper beggar. That term has new meaning here to me in France. The beggars here walk the trains putting these little cards on the empty seats next to people and then once they have done the whole car the start from the beginning collecting their cards along with whatever coins people have decided to donate.
 Basically this says "I am homeless. I have 4 brothers. Help me to find work and live with my family. If you have a good heart please help me with all that you can. Thank you very much. May God bless you. 1 coin or one meal ticket."

I guess it beats approaching people on the street, there are those that will approach you or that sit on the corners holding a sign but they seem to be mostly foreigners. The French have pride even when they have nothing else. And maybe so do I. Maybe that's why I'm here listening to this flautist who is still playing his flute for a living despite the fact that he can't find anyone to pay him a living to play the flute. A husband and wife kneel in front of the him with their small child listening to his music. They are a beautiful couple, and I wonder how they would describe this experience, and what they are listening to. I would call the music lovely and haunting but everything sounds different when you're alone.

I drop a few euros into his collection and walk out into the sun. The music follows me into the courtyard and washes over the Pyramide du Louvre with the sunlight. The sun is glaring down on the pyramid and the statues and somehow it manages to illuminate everything beautifully without providing any warmth. It's a cruel trick when the sun shines so brightly but can't be felt, sometimes I think I would prefer the darkness.

On days like today, when everything is so beautiful and so cold I can't help but think of you.



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